Prayer List  9/22/21

Prayers for the Church and Her Mission:
Ministry of our church, Sunday School, Men’s & Women’s Bible Study
Bro. Joshua & Lauren & their family, Lottie Moon (IMB) Offering,  Southern Baptist Convention

Church Family & others with ongoing health needs:
Jeni Lunsford
Louise Dailey
Janice Cheney
Mamie Clifton
Lillian Hurst
Meyes Brinson
Charllene Strickland
Casey & Yvonne Johnson
Jackie Flanders
Lindy Wilson
Susan Newsome
Mike & Natalie Hall
Earl & Christa Hendrix
James & Bertha Landing
Lynn Hinnant
Allison Dann
Karen Thompson
Dale Shackleford
Dorothy Johnson
Joshua Hinnant
Susan Bazemore
Richard Owens
Jonnelle Johnson
Bro. Dan & Sylvia Zellner
Cayson Lindsey
Satcher Crowe
Jimmy Lovett
Scott & Joy Somers
Sandra Burrell
Mary Eagle
Sandra Burrell
Tammy McFan
Rick Johnson
Jimmy Brannen

Friends and Family in Need of Prayer:
Healthcare workers
Lisa Dailey Horton (hospital)
Ladies Ministry traveling to Favored Women's Conference in Gatlinburg
Joey Johnson
Indian Pastor's Conference

Families who have lost loved ones:
The Family of WA  & Margaret Hooks
The Family of Quinney Lane
The Family of Buck LeMaster (Ronnie Bishop's uncle)
The Family of John Hodges (Statesboro)
The Family of Timmy Lever
The Family of Charles Howard Elmore
The Family of Glynn Bassett
The Family of Jeff Wiggins
The Family of Clayton Becton
The Family of Craig Griffin
The Family of Freddy Overstreet
The Family of Jim Hendley
The Family of Gene Ann Clayton
The Family of Gary Brinson
The Family of Wade Jackson
Needs in Our Community, Nation, & World:
Our President, Government Leaders, Area Schools
Our Churches, Medical workers, Division in our country
Yezidi People, Israel, Afghanistan, Haiti, Recovery from Hurricane