Prayer List  9/22/21

Prayers for the Church and Her Mission:
Ministry of our church, Sunday School, Men’s & Women’s Bible Study
Bro. Joshua & Lauren & their family, Lottie Moon (IMB) Offering,  Southern Baptist Convention

Church Family & others with ongoing health needs:
Jeni Lunsford
Louise Dailey
Janice Cheney
Mamie Clifton
Lillian Hurst
Meyes Brinson
Charllene Strickland
Casey & Yvonne Johnson
Jackie Flanders
Lindy Wilson
Susan Newsome
Mike & Natalie Hall
Earl & Christa Hendrix
James & Bertha Landing
Lynn Hinnant
Allison Dann
Karen Thompson
Dale Shackleford
Dorothy Johnson
Joshua Hinnant
Susan Bazemore
Richard Owens
Jonnelle Johnson
Bro. Dan & Sylvia Zellner
Cayson Lindsey
Satcher Crowe
Jimmy Lovett
Scott & Joy Somers
Sandra Burrell
Mary Eagle
Sandra Burrell
Tammy McFan
Rick Johnson
Jimmy Brannen

Friends and Family in Need of Prayer:
Marty Lee

Families who have lost loved ones:
The Family of Carolyn Johnson
The Family of Rev.  Maurice Crowder
The Family of Kay Dailey Ivey
Needs in Our Community, Nation, & World:
Our President, Government Leaders, Area Schools
Our Churches, Medical workers, Division in our country. Kentucky Tornado Victims, Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Teams